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UMA Promotion and Events Delivering and providing Quality and Standard Promotional, Event management, Media Production, Arts and Drama Production and so on.

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Advertising and Promotion

We offer a wide range of advertising solutions tailored to meet your specific needs based on professional advert that maximizes your exposure and drives results.
Producing quality promotional and advertising content for your products, Organization and services.
Delivering the advertisement into the target audience.

Event Planning

Let us help you plan and execute an unforgettable events.
Our event organizing service are designed to take the stress out of event planning. we will work with you every step of the way to create a seamless and memorable event.
We offer you the support and design of your events from initial planning until stage management and Event Hosting.

Radio Program

We Create and Plan the radio programs to address your organization goals from preparation of documents and program hosting.
We Provide Pre-Recorded or live radio broadcast that is transmitted through a known radio station or online streaming service.We also provide you radio based Advert

Social Media

We have Social media activities to online platforms and technologies that enable users to create and share content, connect with others, and engage in social networking.
We offers you social media promotion and event creation.

TV Show Arts & Drama

A TV show, also known as a television program such as Drama TV shows, Comedy TV shows, Talk shows and News and current affairs.

Consultation & Support

We have many different types of services that provide support and help, depending on the specific needs of your organization.
We are always available to consults you based on our professional demand

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UMA is Thankful for the partnership we have with you and the trust you have placed in our company. It is an honor to work with such esteemed partners and clients, and we value the relationships we have built with each and every one of you.